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Plymouth Blitz

'A Reflection of Lives

Lost in WWII'

The aim of the project is to reflect on the lives that were lost during the blitz within Plymouth during the Second World War. Yet not be the main focus, the ideas are only to suggest. 


The final piece has embroidery as the central focus, using an image from the Bomb Book from Plymouth records, that highlighted the impact of destruction from the war. The image was from the night of 20th - 21st March 1941. Around 300 bomb fell that night killing roughly 300 people. 

Embroidering on a childs bed sheet creates an effect that is two-fold: presence in the room. Giving the skill of embroidery, the appreciation it deserves, allowing the viewer to see the craft and skill that goes into the labour of embroidery but also giving the effect of the Blitz during those two days of appreciation it deserves.

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