Me, Cabbage and I

'An exploration into the theory  of new materialism'

My work uses the theory of new materialism which argues that humans are not central to all life as humanists believed and that to practice ethically, more-than-human voices need to be allowed to come to the forefront. I have acknowledged all voices that are entangled within my creative practice, voices that would not be just human.


So in relation to my artwork, I have been re-thinking the term display and how it emerges within my own creative practice, new materialism. I have allowed the voices of material, artist, audience, space and time to come to the forefront of my practice. I have Investigated the white cube format and allowed my work to be the anomaly within the space by giving agency to other things/voices. I have experimented with how I can push my work to challenge everything about modern display within the white cube allowing conflict to emerge that has developed into a different context for the audience. 


To do this I have always been thinking about the voices and how they are relational rather than representational and that things emerge rather than are pre-defined and linear. I have demonstrated that by leaving things to emerge it goes beyond my control because there are lots of different individual voice that come to the forefront. By doing this I have allowed the cabbage (through natural dyes)  and I to play an equal role (co-author) within the artwork, building a relationship of co-creating and co-becoming together.